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The Glasgow Pottery
of John
and Matthew Perston Bell.

China and Earthenware
Manufacturers In Glasgow.

by Henry E. Kelly

Image: Bells Royal Mark.

Photographs, layout and computer work by Douglas A. Leishman

Revised edition, July 2006.

Image: Bells Pottery.

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Chapter I 覧 Early Years Page 1Image: PDF icon.
Chapter II 覧 The Founding of the Pottery. Page 7 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter III 覧 The Explosion of 1844. Page 14 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter IV 覧 The Great Exhibition of 1851. Page 16 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter V 覧 Wares, Transfer patterns and marks of the1840s and 1850s. Page 24Image: PDF icon.
Chapter VI 覧 John Bell痴 marriage Page 32Image: PDF icon.
Chapter VII 覧 The Deposit of 1857 and the 1996 Excavations. Page 36 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter VIII 覧 The 1861 Census. Page 40Image: PDF icon.
Chapter IX 覧 The Pottery in 1862. Page 42Image: PDF icon.
Chapter X 覧 The Pottery, John Bell, Land Sales and Shipping in the Sixties. Page 45 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XI 覧 Wares of the 1860s. Page 49Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XII 覧 Matthew痴 death and his will. Page 61Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XIII 覧 The building of North Park House. Page 63 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XIV 覧 John Bell痴 collection. Page 67Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XV 覧 John Bell痴 business interests in the 1870s. Page 70 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XVI 覧 The Wares of the 1870s. Page 72 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XVII 覧 The Death of John Bell. Page 80 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XVIII 覧 The Litigation following John Bell痴 Death. Page 83 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XIX 覧 The Next of Kin. Page 86Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XX 覧 The Formation of the Limited Company. Page 89Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XXI 覧 The Wares of the Limited Company Page 91Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XXII 覧 The Glasgow Pottery Library. Page 98Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XXIII 覧 The Export Wares. Page 100 Image: PDF icon.
Chapter XXIV 覧 Decline of the Glasgow Pottery. Page 112 Image: PDF icon.
Appendix I 覧 Blue Sprigs Page 115Image: PDF icon.
Appendix II Maps & Plans Page 117Image: PDF icon.
Appendix III Extra Pottery Pieces Page 118Image: PDF icon.
Appendix IV Additional Material Page 151Image: PDF icon.
References Page 156 Image: PDF icon.
Index Page 161 Image: PDF icon.

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