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When writing a book of this size and scope. it is inevitable that you get a lot of help from a large number of people and my experience is that this help is almost always given unstintingly.

Archivists and librarians have always been especially helpful and I should like to express my gratitude particularly to the staffs of the following: Glasgow University Business Record Centre: Glasgow University Archive: Glasgow City Archive: the Glasgow Room of the Mitchell Library In Glasgow: the Library of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow: the Scottish Record Office (particularly West Register House): StirlIng Archive: the archive at Bannockburn: Harrogate Library: Paisley Museum and Elspeth King and Michael Donnelly, formerly of the People's Palace, Glasgow.

I should like to thank John Atkinson and Keith Speller of G.U.A.R,D. for permission to use material from their excavation on the Bell's site ahead of publication; to Jane Kidd of Paisley Museum I am very grateful for access to their splendid and unique collection of early Bells' wares.

Amongst Individuals, Kate Downie, Margaret West, Mrs. Laird and many other members of the Scottish Pottery Society spring to mind; the members may be too numerous to mention but collectively their help has been enormous and my gratitude to them is correspondingly great. Margaret Ferguson of Barrhead Historical SocIety and Mrs. Dorothy Lynch have my thanks also. Furth of Scotland, two ladies have been of enormous help to me: Joan McLean of Malaysia and especially Rosemary Trehaeven , formerly of the No.7 Castle Hill Museum in Humewood, South Africa,

Above all two friends have been so unstinting in their aid over the years that I must single them out and to Douglas A. Leishman and George Kearney this book is dedicated

Contributed by Jim Byrne